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  • Two-channel, wideband receiver with worldwide tuning range of 470 MHz – 694 MHz.
  • Advanced Digital Diversity topology uses two complete RF receivers for each of the two channels, with four RF receivers in total.
  • State-of-the-art 100% digital long-range modulation delivers the longest transmission distance of any system on the market.
  • Simple menus are quick to access.
  • Available in both slot (Uni-/SuperSlot) with the A10-RX-SL or stand-alone cabled version with the A10-RX-XLR.
  • Analogue line-level or AES3 digital audio output.
  • Compatible with select Sony camera models with A-15PIN. This collaboration between Sony and Sound Devices allows the A10-RX receiver to pass two channel digital audio internally on the Sony camcorder, negating the need for any external cables.

Digital wireless for today and tomorrow.

The A10 Digital Wireless System is designed for the technical demands and requirements of today’s RF-hostile, multi-channel productions. The A10-TX and A20-Mini digital transmitter and A10-RX two channel receiver deliver broadcast-quality audio and reliable digital RF performance with an easy, multi-system setup.

The A10’s proprietary digital RF topology and Advanced Digital Diversity System is the result of years of research, laboratory experimentation, and customer experience. The result is a wireless link with full 20 kHz audio bandwidth, high dynamic range, ultra-low distortion, an extremely low 2 millisecond end-to-end delay in Standard modulation. The A10 System allows the user to operate up to 20 channels in an 8 MHz TV channel, maximizing spectrum efficiency.

With firmware version 5.00, the A10/A20 Wireless System delivers the longest transmission distance of any system on the market.¹ The state-of-the-art, 100% digital long-range modulation offers the same great audio quality (10 Hz – 20 kHz) as our Standard modulation scheme with a longer range for both line-of-sight and heavy multipath transmission.

The A10-RX two-channel Advanced Dual Diversity receiver is a portable, all-digital wireless receiver for the A10 System. It is designed to work with one or two A10-TX or A20-Mini transmitters. It offers 224 MHz switching bandwidth and precision RF tracking filters in a lightweight, robust package. Two models are available, the A10-RX-SL for slot-in connection and the A10-RX-XLR for stand-alone operation with hardwired power and audio connections.

¹ When comparing systems with same transmit power, same antennas, and same transmission frequency.