A20-Nexus Channel Expansion License

$250 4 channels - 7 Day Rental

$850 4 channels - 30 Day Rental

$2500 4 channels - Permanent

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Experience the full power of your A20-Nexus! The A20-Nexus 4-Channel Expansion License expands A20-Nexus receivers to 12 or 16 receiver channels. 

To expand your A20-Nexus from its base eight channels to 12 channels, purchase or rent a single 4-Channel Expansion License. If you require the full 16 channels, purchase or rent a second 4-Channel Expansion License. It is not possible to exceed 16 channels total on a single A20-Nexus receiver.

The rental version of the 4-Channel Expansion License is a solution to temporarily increase your receiver channel count. It only works for the one week or 30 days you pay for and will deactivate once that time period has elapsed. Rental licenses do not need to be used at the time of purchase. Simply activate the license when the extra channel count is needed, and the seven- or 30-day time limit will begin. You can also purchase multiple rental licenses at one time, so if your schedule can be unpredictable, you can keep a few rental licenses on hand for the times you may need additional channels.


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