FS-2NL, Latex-Free Face Shield with Loupe Clearance, 10 pack

10 ready-to-use latex-free face shields with loupe clearance. Assembled in the USA (Reedsburg, Wisconsin) for anyone who needs personal protective equipment.
If you are located in WI, IL, NY, or NJ and qualify for tax exemption, please order through [email protected]


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Cleaning Instructions:

This face shield may be used multiple times by the same person.

  1. Carefully wipe the inside and then the outside of the visor using a clean cloth saturated with neutral detergent solution, rinse if needed.
  2. Carefully wipe the outside of the visor using a clean cloth or wipe saturated with hospital disinfectant solution; be sure it remains wet for the required contact time. The CDC recommends a .1% chlorine solution. Carefully avoid the foam cushion and elastic strap as they may not be tolerant to disinfectants.
  3. Wipe the outside of visor with clean water to remove residue.
  4. Fully dry (air dry or use clean absorbent towels).


LOUPE CLEARANCE Approximately 3”-3.5” from front of face
CLEAR SHIELD 13″ by 9″ clear fog-free, glare-free polyester film, .007” thick, with or without removable protective film
ELASTIC HEADBAND 1” wide latex-free elastic, fits any head size
BROW FOAM 2.75″ thick, soft latex-free polyurethane