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What does an “instance” of CEDAR sdnx mean?

An instance operates on a single channel of audio. Since we use the term “channel” very specifically within the context of the 8-Series, we don’t want to confuse terms. 8 instances of CEDAR sdnx means 8 “channels” which can get applied to any 8-Series channel or bus. 

I already bought two instances of CEDAR sdnx. If I want the 8-instance version of CEDAR sdnx, will I have to pay for all eight instances?

No. When you enter your serial number on the plugin page, a discount will be applied reflecting the instances you’ve already purchased. You only need to pay for the additional six instances. In the same respect, you can purchase four instances and the cost of the previously purchased two-instance version will be discounted.

How does CEDAR sdnx compare to the CEDAR DNS 2?

sdnx differs from the CEDAR DNS 2 by offering a modified algorithm optimized for Sound Devices systems. This features a simplified user interface with a single attenuation control per channel that allows the user to ensure that the noise is being removed without damaging the wanted signal. It performs almost identically with a DNS 2 that has its Bias set to zero (optimal) and LEARN permanently enabled.

What controls does CEDAR sdnx offer?

The CEDAR sdnx plugin has one simple control for adjusting the amount of suppression. Choose from 0 (none) to -20 dB (maximum) of noise suppression in 1 dB steps. Select the channel or bus to apply sdnx in the Noise Suppression menu.

Can I buy more than one CEDAR sdnx plugin? 

You can upgrade from 2 instances to 4 or 8 instances, or from 4 instances to 8 instances of CEDAR sdnx. The maximum instances that can run on a single device/serial number is eight. 

Where can I apply CEDAR sdnx within the 8-Series?

Up to 8 instances of CEDAR sdnx can run on any combination of isolated channels (excluding 17-32 on Scorpio) or buses.

What is the difference between CEDAR sdnx and NoiseAssist?

CEDAR sdnx uses CEDAR’s proprietary noise suppression technology, while NoiseAssist uses Sound Devices’ different, unique algorithm. Both plugins suppress background noise while keeping dialog clean. CEDAR sdnx offers a latency of 13 samples and functions at sampling rates up to and including 96 kHz. NoiseAssist offers 1 ms latency and functions at sampling rates up to and including 48 kHz. You can demo 2 instances of both plugins for free on an 8-Series running firmware v7.40 or higher.

Can CEDAR sdnx be used at the same time as NoiseAssist?

No, you cannot run both plugins simultaneously. However, you can purchase both plugins for the same device. You will need to select which noise suppression method you want to use from the Noise Suppression menu.

Will CEDAR sdnx be available for the MixPre II Series?

No. The MixPre II Series offers NoiseAssist noise suppression.

Can I try before I buy?

Yes – the 2-instance version of CEDAR sdnx is available as a demo on your 8-Series mixer-recorder running firmware version 7.40 or higher. While running CEDAR sdnx without a license, a periodic beep is inserted in the audio path. All plugin purchases are final. As always, Sound Devices Support is available for all post-purchase questions. 

I’ve already purchased NoiseAssist. Is there any discount to apply towards CEDAR sdnx?

The 8-Series offers two excellent options for noise suppression, each purchased separately. There is no discount from one to the other or vice-versa; each is a totally independent purchase.

I made a purchase from my smartphone. How do I download my license?

While this plugin may be purchased from a smartphone, the plugin is a small file that must be downloaded from the online store to a computer or SD card in a computer, in order for the plugin to be installed onto your 8-Series. If purchased from a phone, you will need to return to the online store from a computer to download the file. Simply go to store.sounddevices.com/device-features/, re-enter your serial number, and click Look-up.

The store will:

  • Verify purchase
  • Bypass shopping cart screens
  • Show that the plugin has already been acquired for the device with that serial number
  • Provide the download link for the plugin file

Then, you can transfer the LIC file to an SD card, insert it in your 8-Series, and activate it.