A20-Nexus Go Channel Expansion License

$250 2 channels - 7 Day Rental

$850 2 channels - 30 Day Rental

$2500 2 channels - Permanent

Enter your device's serial number to determine if this feature is compatible.


Unlock the full potential of your A20-Nexus Go full diversity wireless receiver with 2-Channel Expansion Licenses, which increase its channels to six or eight! 

Purchasing or renting one A20-Nexus Go 2-Channel Expansion License will upgrade your four-channel A20-Nexus Go receiver to six channels. Purchasing or renting a second license will bring your receiver to its maximum capacity of eight channels. It is not possible to exceed eight channels on a single A20-Nexus Go receiver. 

2-Channel Expansion Licenses can be rented, activating and increasing the number of channels on your A20-Nexus Go receiver for a period of seven or 30 days, then deactivating when that time period has elapsed. 

Each license is specified to the serial number on the A20-Nexus Go receiver you are upgrading and is non-transferable.  


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